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HUMANITARIAN CARE MALAYSIA BERHAD (MyCARE) was formerly known as AQSA SYARIF BERHAD whose main focus was humanitarian work for the Palestinian people. The newly renamed MyCARE now takes a broader role in humanitarian care beyond just the Palestinian cause.
MyCARE is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) under which former NPOs such as Aqsa Syarif, i4Syria, Rose2Rose, NICE, PACE and Salam Iraq were amalgamated to operate as her agencies, providing humanitarian care services to specific regions in the world. Thus, besides Palestine, MyCARE now extends her initiatives to include other countries such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Bosnia, The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam as well as the stateless and displaced Rohingya people. Locally, MyCARE is a partner to the state government, local and international humanitarian relief agencies in providing temporary shelters, rebuilding homes and provision of fresh water in the flood stricken areas.
MyCARE’s transparency and integrity in managing funds was recognised by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) when it was selected to co-represent Malaysia in the recent Anti Money Laundering Audit by the United Nation’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF). MyCARE will continue to practice the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure the provision of effective and professional humanitarian care services to both our rightful benefactors and deserving beneficiaries.
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